Learning Centers at HOME! Wall Boggle!

ziplock bag boggle

At home learning can be tough for homeschooling or traditional schooling families alike. You want your kids to be engaged in educational games and activities but you don’t want it to feel like ‘school’. This post is the first in a series of educational learning centers that you can set up at home that will keep your kiddos learning but it will feel like fun!

Got duct tape? Got ziplock bags? Then you have all the materials you need to make this giant wall boggle game. Just start with a line of four ziplock bags and tape them together with small strips of tape to keep them together and spaced properly. Next you tape them together with one long strip of tape ==> only tape one side, you will need to open the ziplock bags to slip in your printed letters. Do the next row the same way and so on until you have four rows of ziplock bags. Tape your rows together and you have a GIANT Boggle board. Now print off the giant letters here. Cut them out and slip them into the pockets!

This is a fun game to hang in your family room or in your child’s room to play as a relaxing activity before bedtime as you snuggle together. Anywhere you hang it, it is sure to be a favorite game for everyone to play==> even the adults!

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