Homemade Bottle Stomp Rocket!!!!!!

I host a book club on a monthly basis for a group of homeschooling kids ages 4-13. We read one book each month from the Magic Tree House book series by Mary Pope Osborne. This month’s discussion will be about the Midnight on the Moon book from the series. I usually plan a discussion of the book and a craft or activity based on the book’s theme. This month our craft/activity will be launching stomp rockets.

Here is how to make the ‘launch’ pad and the rocket for the activity if you want to build one on your own.

Materials Needed

You will need: 1 Standard 2 liter bottle with a hole drilled in the middle of the cap, 3' of flexible foam tubing, 1 1/2" diameter PVC tubing- 1 ft., 1" PVC straight adapter to a threaded end (the threaded end will hold the lid of your 2 ltr bottle- take one along to the store to make sure it fits tightly), Paper towel tube with one end sealed with masking tape, Duct tape, Fabric Tac glue or hot glue

Foam to Adapter

Use the fabri tac glue to attach the smooth end of the PVC adaptor to the flexible foam tubing. Apply glue to the end of the adapter then slide it into the foam tubing.

Duct tape Adapter to foam tubing

Duct tape Adapter to foam tubing.

Fit PVC tube into foam tubing

Fit PVC tube into the opposite end of the foam tubing by cutting a small slit in the foam tubing.

Duct tape foam to PVC

Duct tape foam to PVC and thoroughly cover the slit making a tight fit with no air leaks.

Glue bottle cap in threaded end of adapter

Glue bottle cap in threaded end of adapter. I used the 2 liter bottle as leverage to screw the cap into the adapter. I placed the fabri tac glue inside the adapter on/into the threads. Then I removed the bottle to make sure that the bottle didn't get glued to the lid just in case the glue leaked inside.

Slide the paper tube rocket over the PVC tube and stomp to launch

Once all of your glue has dried screw on the empty 2 liter bottle. To make the rocket: Tape one end of your paper towel tube with masking tape and decorate it as you like. Slide the open end of the paper tube rocket over the PVC tube and stomp to launch!

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