Cute and Easy River Rock Garden Turtles


My teenager and her friends LOVE to make crafts when they are together. This river rock garden turtle craft was so much fun for them to make. It is so easy it can be done by kids of any age!

Materials needed:

6 River rocks for every turtle (Round rocks are best for the head and body, while oblong rocks are best for the flippers.)
Acrylic paint (various colors- we used green, black, white, and blue)
Clear spray paint (If you plan on putting these little guys outdoors the clear paint really helps with weathering.)

We just put our paint onto some paper plates and got to work. Little squares on the rock that is used for the back of the turtle really make it look like a turtle. Dots on the flippers added texture. Getting creative and having fun is MOST important with this craft so let your inner sea turtle out and explore other options! You can test out ideas on a separate piece of paper by tracing your rocks onto paper and painting the paper turtle first. Spray your freshly painted, dry turtles with the clear spray paint if you want to display it outdoors!

These little guys just made our summer outdoor area feel more ‘beachy’! We love them! I can totally see these little guys on the counter in an ocean themed bathroom too!

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