Morning Math Routine

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As I am working on getting together materials for our upcoming school year I started ‘thumbing’ through Pinterest for some ideas. If you haven’t visited this site yet you MUST. I have gotten tons of great ideas for decorating my home, meals to make, crafts to try and –of course– homeschooling ideas.

I have always done a morning routine with my kids that involved base ten blocks, money, and a hundred chart that went with the calendar date. But each little segment seemed so disjointed. I wanted a way to display all of the results. I found tons of great ideas on Pinterest but none of them quite matched my needs. So I created my own chart using just the elements that were relevant to my morning routine.

By using this chart with my hands on manipulatives (real money, base ten blocks, tally sticks) I will create a visual tie-in to our morning math routine and hopefully make the language/math connection stronger. I love morning math because it only takes about ten minutes to complete but covers so many basic math concepts. Hope you enjoy your free download!

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