5 Minute Learning Center: Think Math!

Think Math

Here’s a learning center that comes together in the same time it takes you to print out a picture. Find any picture with multiple things on it. (The picture above has several bats, pumpkins and houses.) Write “What’s the question?” on tagboard. Then sit back and wait for your kids to come up with all kinds of creative answers.

This learning center uses open ended questioning to inspire critical thinking skills. It is perfect as a ‘between lesson’ activity when you are working with another child. Post the students ‘answers’ below the question. The best part of this activity is one child can answer as many times as he/she likes…the possibilities for answers are endless and not limited to any age group. This ‘Think Math’ center can be used with all of your children from Kindergarten through 12th grade!

Remember to credit www.handsonlearning4all.com when you pass this idea for a “Think Math” center on to your friends!!!!

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