Fun Projects

Make a Milk Jug Igloo

Click Here for the link Make an igloo using clean, washed plastic gallon milk jugs. A great way to recycle those milk jugs. Ask your friends and neighbors to save their milk jugs for you to make the project go faster. These directions make an igloo big enough for 2-3 children, but if you want it bigger you can just ‘expand’ the number of jugs you use.

Make a Toothpick Bridge

Click Here for the link Using toothpicks and mini marshmallows build a simple bridge that will support weight. We tried this and it is fun! Let the marshmallow bridge structure ‘dry’ a day or so before trying to put a book or other flat object on top. If you have the opportunity to see ‘Magic School Bus: Season 3, Episode 4- “Under Construction” it is the perfect opportunity to tie in TV to learning!

Make ‘Glarch’ or Slime putty

Use equal parts of white school glue and liquid starch (liquid laundry starch can be found at some grocery stores or you can find liquid craft starch at craft/art store like ‘Michaels’) and mix them together in a small glass container (baby food jar works great) with a popsicle stick.

It starts out very slimy but after stirring a while it comes together like the commercial putty product. Watch out this one sticks to hair and carpet so lay down some ground rules. My family (including my husband and I) played with this one for more than an hour observing the semi-liquid/semi-solid properties of this putty.

Make ‘Goop’

Use equal parts of corn starch and water. You can color with food coloring if you like. (remember food coloring stains clothes) This fun stuff feels hard when you touch it with a finger but pours like a liquid. It also washes out of clothes and carpets and is edible (although I would not have a bowl of it for breakfast) so you can try this experiment with younger children.

Hand Knitting

Here is a project to try that only requires yarn and your two hands. The video below shows the steps.
****Not shown in video**** When done take the ‘tail’ you saved by the thumb and thread it through each of the loops on your fingers and tie it off at the end by making a knot. This will insure your knitting will not come apart.

You can make headbands, fashion scarfs, wrist bands, or belts. Send Veronica pictures of your finished projects!

Build your own DINOSAUR!

Using simple materials around the house you can build your own dinosaur! Click here for directions

Make Sock Bean Bags

This is a fun activity for kids that they can do on their own. Use sidewalk chalk and create a game outdoors for your new bean bags.

Make a T-shirt Pillow

A fun and easy craft for kids that ‘recycles’ an old t-shirt. Use ‘Fabri-tac’ glue and this pillow will be done in no time.

Easy Bake Oven Recipes!

We have tried these recipes and they actually do work. You can just use regular ingredients and make these mini portions.
  1. Deep Dish Pizza Recipe
  2. Cheese Quesadillas
  3. Chocolate Brownies
  4. Butter Cookies

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