Natural Cleaners!

Natural Cleaners

In my recent efforts to eat naturally I have found myself wanting natural cleaners for the kitchen. I watch my kids eat food off of the counter and out of the sink. So I have come up with some natural cleaners for my kitchen that I can feel good about. I know they will kill the germs but I also know they won’t put chemicals into my children.

I have read tons about using vinegar as a cleaner, but the smell just grosses me out. To me vinegar cleaners just smell like a sweaty foot. Yuck. So I needed to come up with a cleaner that didn’t stink in order for me to make the switch to a natural homemade cleaner. My thoughts gravitated to what hospitals use to clean the skin before taking blood or inserting an IV==> alcohol! Ahhh…there’s my cleaner. But rubbing alcohol is not edible. Again I got to thinking. Then the lightbulb went on! Vodka!

Now I like the smell that cleaners leave because then my husband can come home from work and know that I cleaned! 🙂 So I add a little peppermint extract (The cheap kind that is alcohol based, not oil based. Oil based extracts leave a residue that is not safe for some counters and they will streak on windows.)

Here’s my recipe:

Natural All Purpose Cleaner

1 cup Vodka
4 tsp Peppermint extract
Fill the rest of the spray bottle with water

What does it clean? Granite, tile, formica==>any type of counter top. It cleans glass streak free! It cleans stainless steel without scratching! It cleans EVERYTHING in my kitchen and leaves a wonderful minty smell. Want to hear the BONUS?! Bugs don’t like peppermint! So it is a natural bug repellent too! Yay!

Natural Cleaners2

Now all I needed was something to scour the sink. That thing gets an oily residue on it and then it attracts all kinds of grime, especially around the garbage disposal. My All Purpose Cleaner works fine to kill the germs but I wanted it to LOOK clean too! Baking Soda! So I tried scrubbing it on and it works okay with a little water, but again I wanted that clean smell (and a little extra disinfectant) ==> LEMONS!

Here’s how it works. First pour a few tablespoons of baking soda into the sink. Then use a 1/4 of a lemon to scrub it around. The lemon cuts the grease, adds a great smell, and disinfects. The baking soda cuts through all of the grime and scrubs it right up. Just rinse it down the sink with a little water and WHA LA-==> your sink is clean! Naturally!

Now I don’t have to worry about the kids grabbing that grape out of the sink or eating those crumbs off of the counter! Everything is naturally clean!

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